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The Signs Your Baby Is Getting Enough Breast Milk

Not having enough breast milk is a common worry that many breastfeeding mothers share. A bottle-feeding mom can measure the exact amount of breast milk or formula that their child is getting. But, if you're breastfeeding, there isn't a measurement system marked on your breasts. So, how will you know if you're making enough breast milk and your baby is getting enough at each feeding? Well, while you can't see and actually measure the amount of breast milk in your breasts, there certainly are other ways to tell if you're baby is getting what he needs. Here are the signs to watch for that will let you know that your child is getting enough breast milk.

China Shifts: Government Wants More Babies

China, which espoused severe population control for decades, has shifted its position, encouraging families to have more children as its population ages.

10 Common Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make

Dads can improve their discipline techniques

These 10 child discipline mistakes that fathers make can produce unintended results and create barriers to your children's future good behavior. Watch out for these mistakes in your parenting and discover ways to overcome these ineffective tools.

How to Stop Thumb Sucking in Kids

Your baby likely started sucking his thumb in the womb—and then perfected the habit as an infant. When a child is young, it’s normal to pop a finger or thumb in his mouth as a way to calm down, self-soothe or fall asleep.

At that age, there’s no harm in this habit. However, if you notice your young child doing this, consider substituting a pacifier. Although pacifiers can cause the same problems, it’s an easier habit to break.

10 Tips for Raising Mentally Strong Kids

Mentally strong kids are prepared for the challenges of the world. They’re able to tackle problems, bounce back from failure, and cope with hardships.

To be clear, mental strength isn't about acting tough or suppressing emotions. It's also not about being unkind or acting defiant.


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